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Wire Funds ~ TODAY!

     We provide the best and most complete Wire, ACH & Electronic Fund Transfer products and services in the country. No other company offers the range of software products and quality of service as we do.

Wire Funds~ You are In Control!

      Wire Transfer Services - who needs them If you need to send or receive money, with extremely fast execution, virtually ANYWHERE in the world, our wire transfer services will satisfy your need. Money goes directly from one account to another, even across international boundaries. We Know we offer the best value of ANY vendor of wire transfers!

     Ever wonder why your bank wire transfers cost so much The reason is simple. The technology and systems used by your bank haven't changed in years. Most banks still process wire transfers the same old way with the same old equipment. OfficeTellerTM has revolutionized the wire transfer and management processes. The result is dramatically increased speed, improved control, and reduced risks and costs.

     All Wire Requests are initiated across a secure server on the Internet and provide for Real-Time Authentication, Validation and Confirmation!

     For companies and organizations that make use of a high number of wire transfers, the efficiencies and savings are enormous. All transactions are processed in "real-time" allowing clients immediate access to all their transactions. "Real-time" processing provides a quantifiable increase in productivity and control, with virtually no limit to the number of wires being processed in a given business day.

      Originate and process in real-time.
      Increase transaction integrity.
      Process high volumes of wire transfers easily.
      Improve efficiency of processing and reconcilement.
      Reduce your transaction costs.

     OfficeTellerTM clients have access to a powerful, advanced banking platform that ties directly into their own information systems. The entire wire management process can be fully automated ~ True Integration.

     It doesn't matter what computer system or operating platform you currently use. It's not even necessary to change your existing banking relationships. OfficeTellerTM can facilitate funds movement - to and from existing wire accounts - with any financial institution. Just think how simple life would be with wire management features like this.

Wire Funds~ Get PAID TODAY!

     Direct Drawdown Authorization. This allows an authorized party to collect ("reverse wire") money from another party's account, per an agreement between them. An example of this is an escrow or title closing.

     In this application of wire transfer services, the customer signs a Direct Drawdown Authorization (see the electronic PDF form) authorizing his escrow officer or title agent to withdraw funds and forwards the completed and signed Authorization the escrow company or title company.

   Both you and your clients' time are valuable!

   Eliminate CASHIER'S CHECKS!

   Eliminate driving to the bank.
   Transactions close faster with less work and on time!
   Eliminate paper checks.
   Eliminate check deposit slips.
   Eliminate time-consuming paperwork.
   Faster check processing.
   Immediate reports through your PC.
   Checks are electronically deposited into your account.
   Bank consolidation: centralize funds, while deposited from each location.
   Integration with ALL Accounting Programs: easily upload account receivable data.

     It serves both parties well. If you can imagine how you could implement this with your clients or vendors, we will help you make it a reality.

Wire Funds~ Make a PAYMENT TODAY!

     Pay a vendor or supplier FAST!. Need to transfer funds to an out of town vendor, supplier, or client Need to do it regularly Need to do it quickly Don't pay high wire transfers fees or use expensive convenience store wire-gram methods. We offer a fast, inexpensive method of funding for these needs. Once approved, you can wire funds directly into your client's bank account fast - and at an affordable price.

Wire Funds~ Collect Receivables TODAY!

     Recurring Authorized client payments to you! Get your receivables in a hurry. Your clients pre-authorize their bank to wire funds into your account. Your clients save money - stop the incovenience and cost of high wire transfers fees and expensive convenience store wire-gram methods. National EFT has a fast, inexpensive method for your clients to fund their account with you. Once approved, they can wire funds into your bank account fast - and at an affordable price.

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