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Return Codes

Return Codes:

Use the following Return Codes to determine the reason your customers' EFT transactions were returned. 

R01        Insufficient Funds
R02        Account Closed
R03        No Account/Unable to Locate Account
R04        Invalid Account Number
R05        Reserved
R06        Returned per ODFIs Request
R07        Authorization Revoked by Customer
R08        Payment Stopped or Stop Payment on Item
R09        Uncollected Funds
R10        Customer Advises Not Authorized
R11        Check Truncation Entry Return
R12        Branch sold to another DFI
R13        RDFI not qualified to participate
R14        Representment payee deceased or unable to continue in that capacity
R15        Beneficiary of account holder deceased   
R16        Account Frozen
R17        File record edit criteria
R18        Improper effective entry date
R19        Amount field error     
R20        Non-Transaction Account
R21        Invalid company identification  
R22        Invalid individual ID number    
R23        Credit entry refused by receiver
R24        Duplicate entry
R25        Addenda error 
R26        Mandatory field error
R27        Trace number error
R28        Routing number check digit error
R29        Corporate customer advises not authorized
R30        RDFI not participant in check truncation program
R31        Permissible return entry
R32        RDFI non-settlement    
R33        Return of XCK entry
R34        Limited participation DFI
R35        Return of improper debit entry
R36        Return of improper credit entry
R40        Return of ENR entry by Federal Government Agency (ENR Only)
R41        Invalid transaction code (ENR Only)
R42        Routing number/check digit error (ENR only)
R43        Invalid DFI account number (ENR only)
R44        Invalid individual ID number (ENR only)   
R45        Invalid individual name/company name (ENR only)    
R46        Invalid representative payee indicator (ENR only)  
R47        Duplicate enrollment
R50        State Law Affecting RCK Acceptance
R51        Item is Ineligible, Notice Not Provided, Signature not genuine
R52        Stop Payment on Item   
R61        Misrouted return       
R62        Incorrect trace number 
R63        Incorrect dollar amount
R64        Incorrect individual identification      
R65        Incorrect transaction code      
R66        Incorrect company identification
R67        Duplicate return       
R68        Untimely Return
R69        Multiple Errors
R70        Permissible return entry not accepted    
R71        Misrouted dishonored return     
R72        Untimely dishonored return      
R73        Timely original return 
R74        Corrected return
R80        Cross-Border Payment Coding Error
R81        Non-Participant in Cross-Border Program  
R82        Invalid Foreign Receiving DFI Identification      
R83        Foreign Receiving DFI Unable to Settle   

Change Codes:

C01           Incorrect DFI Account Number
C02           Incorrect Transit/Routing Number
C03           Incorrect Transit/Routing Number and Incorrect DFI Account Number
C04           Incorrect Individual Name
C05           Incorrect Transaction Code
C06           Incorrect DFI Account Number and Incorrect Transaction Code
C07           Incorrect Transit/Routing Number, Incorrect DFI Account Number,
                  and Incorrect Transaction Code
C08           Reserved
C09           Incorrect Individual Identification Number
C10           Incorrect Company Name
C11           Incorrect Company Identification
C12           Incorrect Company Name and Company Identification
C13           Addenda Format Error
C61           Misrouted Notification of Change
C62           Incorrect Trace Number
C63           Incorrect Company Identification Number
C64           Incorrect Individual Identification Number
C65           Incorrectly Formatted Corrected Data
C66           Incorrect Discretionary Data
C67           Routing Number Not From Original Entry Detail Record
C68           DFI Account Number Not From Original Entry Detail Record
C69           Incorrect Transaction Code


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