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Bank Drafts are both safe and simple to use!

If your Return Rates are too high for ACH processing you can still secure reliable processing.

Bank drafts or checks are used by merchants who cannot establish an ACH merchant account because they may operate in a high-risk industry. Bank Drafts fully comply with FTC regulations and are an increasingly popular form of payment.

Bank drafts easily automate the deposit process for you, saving you time and money. Your bank drafts are deposited daily giving you quick access to your money.

All bank draft accounts include sophisticated online reporting. You'll quickly see the status of each of your online transactions. The reports help you make the important business decisions.

Our system is very easy to use. You simply upload a file of your transactions to our online gateway. We perform verification, "scrub the file", print the checks, deposit the checks, clear the funds and wire your funds to you. What could be easier

Hig Risk Merchant Bank Drafts

You are sure to get your money. Start accepting bank drafts and watch your business grow. Click the Online Application link above to use this safe and easy system of collecting payments!

We are a turnkey solution for merchants and banks that want to enjoy the bottom line benefits of demand draft processing for the high risk direct marketing industry including telemarketing, infomercial, internet and mail order merchants.

Simply put, we turn high risk, high maintenance accounts into low risk, no maintenance accounts with high profits.

More and more merchants are being shut out from Credit Card acquiring banks every day as chargeback thresholds are diminished to unrealistic levels.

With nowhere else to turn, demand draft is quickly becoming the only viable electronic payment option in an industry that generates over 2 trillion dollars in annual revenues.

ACH processing is becoming an increasingly risky business, especially for the merchant and small to medium sized bank. Without a top notch risk management infrastructure in place, the average bank is taking serious risks. NACHA fines from a single merchant can wipe out the profits of your entire portfolio.

Switching to the electronic demand draft program at OfficeTeller will not only reduce your risk, it will increase your bottom line. With our fraud control management systems and returned item recovery program, our clients experience less bad debt and more profit. These premium services will in turn generate more fee revenue and, most importantly, keep you out of hot water.

Prohibited Merchant Lisitng:
If you're a business that appears on this listing ~ DO NOT CONTACT US. We reserve the right to modify this listing without notice to merchants.
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Grant Programs
  • Gambling or Gaming website
  • Debt Consolidation / Debt Negotiation
  • Credit Repair / Credit Restoration
  • Prescription Programs (not DEA approved)
  • Outbound Telemarketing - Stored Valued Cards
  • VISA cards / MasterCards
  • Illegal Activities

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