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Online Payment Gateway - Credit Card, ACH, EFT & Check transactions!

Funds are Automatically Deposited into your Existing Bank Account.

We built our Online Electronic Payment Gateway from the ground up. Unlike competitors, we did not purchase other ACH software or technology. Perform the following transactions with ease:

    Merchant Account Online Real-Time Credit Card Transactions
    Remittance Processing Software Remittance Processing Software
    Check by Phone Software Check-by-Phone
    QuickBooks Pro Batch File Uploads
    NSF Check Recovery Software NSF Check Recovery
    NACHA File Format Layout Software NACHA File Format Software
    Recurring Payment Processing Software Recurring Debits & Credits
    ACH EFT Debit Software One-Time Debits & Credits
    High Risk Merchant ACH Software Bank Draft Printing
    Online Web Check Processing Software Online Checks from your Website
    Inbound Outbound ACH Credit Card Processing Software Inbound & Outbound Telemarketing
    ACH EFT Reports Complete Online Real-Time Reporting
    Check Conversion POS Software Check Conversion - Point of Sale
    Check Conversion Processing Software Check Conversion - Non-Point of Sale

Credit Card Processor
Our Gateway is fully comprehensive including;
    ACH EFT XML Integration.
    Check Verification Automated File "Scrubbing" and Verification.
    EFT Software Exception Item Management and Reporting.
    ACH Software Client Managed Customer Service Access.
    ACH Companies Comprehensive Audit Trails and Accounting.
    Check by Phone Automated Resubmission of Dishonored Returns.
    Check over the Phone Internal Assignment of Transaction and Entry Trace Numbers.
    ACH Merchant Account Return Receipt Five Times Daily with Real-time Client Notification.
    National EFT Receipt of Client Transactions in Multiple Formats and Transmission Methods.

We provide a packaged solution for your Credit Cards, ACH & EFT requirements, from the front-end data origination to the back-end gateway processing all the way through to presentment to our bank with eventual deposit of funds into your existing bank accounts.

Electronic Check Conversion!

With our Electronic Check Deposit Software, you can make your bank deposits, from the convenience of your store or office, through the Internet using your PC!

eCommerce  Faster check processing.
Virtual Terminal  Immediate reports through your PC.
Electronic Check  Checks are electronically deposited into your account.
Electronic Check Deposit  NSF checks are discovered faster, expediting the collection process.
Payment Processor  Quick detection of check fraud reduces your exposure to bad checks.
ACH Bank  Bank consolidation: centralize funds, while deposited from each location.
NACHA File Format  Integration with ALL Accounting Programs: easily upload account receivable data.

      Your time is valuable!

Electronic Transaction  Eliminate driving to the bank.
Accept Credit Cards  Eliminate paper checks.
NSF Check law  Eliminate bank return fees.
Credit Card Merchant Account  Eliminate check deposit slips.
Merchant Account Provider  Eliminate time-consuming paperwork.
Internet Merchant Account  Eliminate refusal of Out-of-State checks.
Online Merchant Account  Eliminate lost or stolen checks before deposit.

Electronic Check Deposit - Convert paper checks received "by mail" or "in person" into electronic online deposit.

How it works:

Using OfficeTellerTM proprietary Internet-based software and check scanning unit, you can scan conventional paper checks and transform them into an electronic deposit. The software also stores the check data and check images in a database for future research and retrieval, re-submission of NSF checks and more.

High Risk Merchant Account

You accept many checks each month from customers. Currently, you would have to look up each customer account, apply the payment to the account, stamp the check for deposit, create a deposit slip, drive to the bank, stand in a long line and make the deposit. On top of this, your bank will typically charge an "item deposit fee" for every check you deposit. Too time consuming and too expensive!

Why would you want to convert a paper check into an electronic transaction

By converting that paper check into an electronic transaction, things are much simpler, faster, and more economical: First, you scan the customer's check. The customer account information is automatically displayed for existing customers, linking the payment to that customer. Then just enter the amount of the check into the software. You repeat this for every check you receive.

Your deposit is now complete!   What could be easier

Merchant Account Services

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